Young children are usually looking forward to school, because learning has been the most beautiful thing in their life so far! Even falling and hurting themselves could not stop them from practicing and getting better and better every day. Learning was the greatest happiness ever.
With this feeling of happiness, they have learned without instruction a language grammatically perfect and many more things every day.

Is it normal that later you need to be forced by pressure to learn?
This passion and burning interest, when we immerse by fascination, when effort feels like happiness, when we excel, - this is not bound to any age. It is our species' very feature. Research tells us, we are the learning species. Just as unstoppable as the heart beats and the lungs breathe, our brain is learning wherever we are and even while we are sleeping. If we use it correctly, learning is as enjoyable for us as flying for birds and swimming for fish.

However, if one in five 15-year-old Europeans cannot read after 8 years of schooling, "we cannot afford any longer ignoring the functions of our brain" says Prof. Manfred Spitzer.
Worldwide, young children are looking forward to their school start enthused; and worldwide tired faces are sitting there soon after. Why?
It's because teaching letters is an activity, which enters the brain anatomically the 'wrong' way. Like drivers going the wrong way up a one-way street, teachers have to force their way along against a chorus of 'blaring horns' from their pupils. Were they to go in the right direction, they would be cheered along and the pace of learning that is innate to each of us, would be set for life. Driving in the right direction makes the gifted more gifted and integrates those with learning difficulties.