Invitation to the community project for sustainable living, education and development
We are
a non-profit organization for the development of cross-method teaching tools based on brain research with decades of pedagogical experience in regular schools, adult education, homeschooling and special education, awarded by the EU Commission for Education and Culture in Brussels.
We invite
Interns for:
- Help in garden and house, 
- graphics,
- sound editing,
- video design,
- social media management
- Preschool education
Successful internships may lead to employment.
We offer
Vacation jobs in the nature reserve of Lusatia,
Support in foreign language acquisition and improvement of English, German or French skills,
courses in other European countries,
certified training as a coach for brain-based literacy,
prospects for employment.
Musik-Union e.V.
Tel: 035723 490 100
Fax 07071 5399928
Email: info@music-union.org