Summer Courses

Depending on the module, one to two weeks residetial courses at the countryside in the Lusatian nature reserves. between the Saxonian Switzerland, Dresden and Berlin.

Available are  single and double rooms and a family unit of 2 to 3 rooms. Bathrooms are shared per unite of 4 persons.
Depending on the weather, courses take place in the house or in the garden.
Indoor and outdoor surfaces are available for leisure activities with billiard, table tennis, basketball, barbecue, parlor games and musical instruments as well as bicycles for the "Frog Path", the "Woolf-Path" or the "Krabat-Trail", which lead streight from the house through the Lusatian Lake District.
Town is 4km by bike, or by bus. The bus stops at the door.
Foreign language learning is supported by the latest audio techniques "Plug&Speak: language learning with no time",  in various languages.
For practicing their language skills, participants can choose communication in English, French or German.
Here the documents for registration and the contact details where you receive the dates :

Coming from Czech Republic  deutsch,  English,  français
Coming from France   français,  English
Coming from Germany   deutsch,  English
Coming from Italy  English,   français
Coming from Lithuania  lietuvis,   Englishdeutsch
Coming from Romania  deutsch,  English,  français


Qualified Consultants for Brain-Based Education and Coaches of Brain-Based Literacy can be found here by country.